Jane Avery is a Dunedin based fashion designer specialising in the production of limited edition, bespoke and one-of-a-kind coats/jackets, accessories and soft furnishings.  

Her exclusive Lapin pieces combine responsibly sourced New Zealand Wild Rabbit Eco-Fur with beautiful textiles, some from far flung corners of the world.  

Each handcrafted piece is a fresh offering in the world of fur fashion, marrying a world of inspiring fabrics with a pest resource direct from the South Island’s mountainous high country.  

From a  land of extremes, where icy winter blasts whistle in from Antarctica, comes the motivation to transform an environmental pest into a conscious choice for those wishing for the warmth and luxury of fur. 

Lapin speaks to a love of couture, the creation of family heirlooms and the presentation of NZ Wild Rabbit Eco-Fur as a practical luxury eco-product. 

The Lapin studio/gallery is located in downtown Dunedin and open most weekdays. Otherwise viewings, consulatations  and fittings are by appointment.   

As well as selling pieces from her rack, Jane welcomes commissions, including long distance.  Lapin's bespoke service encompasses the sending of  drawings, fabric and fur samples and made-to-measure calico mock ups to customer satisfaction before commencing a make.  

The intention is to share an  authentic collaboration in the making of a beautiful, tailor-made, slow-fashion garment. 

Jane Avery 

Studio - 130 Lower Stuart St

Dunedin, New Zealand

+64 27 300 7090