Designed primarily as a bridal accessory this beautifully crafted natural fur cape is luxury indeed. Whether you're planning a mid-winter wedding or just know you'll need something cosy to cover your bare shoulders on your big day, this cape is fit for purpose. The uniformity of the furs and it's gorgeous drape is testament to the skill of a master craftsman furrier. It feels truly beautiful on and will satisfy for years to come as the perfect evening accessory. 

NZ Wild Rabbit Eco Fur, 100% Indian Silk lining 

(emerald lining fabric in stock plus more colours - red & turquoise)

Made to order depending on suitable supply of rabbit skins. 

NZD $2,350 

Are you planning a winter wedding? Nothing says glamour quite like getting married in the snow or at altitude after taking a helicopter to a spectacular location complete with incredible views. Being out in the wild and wonderful elements of course takes a little planning when it comes to attire, especially if your wedding gown is off the shoulder or short sleeved. The situation is solved simply, stylishly and classically with a Lapin Bunnyland Cape. Come to think of it many an historic church a popular location for becoming betrothed is cold and drafty. Standing at the altar with goose pimples is noones idea of fun. You can save the revealing of bare shoulders until the reception and stay gorgeously warm and comfortable as you take your vows. With over thirty New Zealand Wild Rabbit Eco-Fur skins matched, prepared and stitched by a master craftsman furrier and then lined with 100% silk, this beautifully designed cape is something of beauty, warmth and true substance. It expertly drapes to keep out the chill, all the while gracing your bridal shoulders with an heirloom quality treasure. The lining can be made in any number of top quality silk clours and finishes. Make this eco-concious, ethical, responsibly sourced fur cape an investment for your big day and for years to come as a glamourous addition to your wardrobe. It is perfect for an evening out be it a ball, a special dinner, a theatre production or an orchestra or opera performance. You will be able to look back on your collection of wedding photos in the years to come and cherish the memory of having debuted what is sure to be come a treasured family heirloom be it in a alpine setting or set in the gardens of a luxury lodge resort in a truly magical setting such as New Zealand’s high country paradise of Queenstown or Wanaka. It is the perfect accessory for creating a classic and timeless photographic shoot complete with designer flowers and perfectly dressed entourage. In fact how wonderful would it be to grace the entire bridesmaid’s party with a beautiful fur cape each. What a wonderful memento of an unforgetable day from the wedding breakfast to the special ceremony to the perfectly staged professional photo shoot to the fun of dancing the night away at your reception set in luxurious surrounds. You can be assured that every step of your glamourous way your shoulders will be perfectly pampered by the luxury of a bespoke fur cape with eco-credentials to be proud of.