Lapin Collection

MoscowMulebespoke luxury New Zealand rabbit fur jacket Lapin Boho BunnyUnique heirloom coat with Kashmiri border and black rabbit fur Lapin Caper coatEmbroidered Swat Valley shawl repurposed Lapin Tangerine coat with NZ rabbit furrepurposed Scottish Paisley wool coat with beading and Lapin NZ rabbit furIndian Kantha embroidered Lapin Blossom coat with NZ rabbit fur scarf accessory Unique vintage sari coat Lapin Envy with NZ rabbit furOne of a kind heirloom vintage sari coat Lapin Emissary with NZ rabbit furHeirloom evening dress coat Lapin Peacock with Indian gold embroidered fabric and NZ rabbit furSwing style coat Lapin Pixel Rose with rose embroidered Indian cotton and NZ rabbit furLapin Stealth bomber jacket sleek with silk sleeves and NZ rabbit furLapin Raj bomber jacket sleek with NZ rabbit fur and Indian motif gold and black silk sleevesBespoke luxury wool and cashmere jacket Lapin Short Black with NZ rabbit furLapin rabbit fur sleeved bomber jacket with gold bullion brick jacquardLapin Neo bespoke luxurious long flared winter coat with NZ rabbit furLapin Long Black winter coat with Kinari brocade and NZ rabbit furLapin quilted Shell coat with orange silk lining and NZ rabbit fur collarLapin Burma bomber jacket with Burmese embroidered sleeves and NZ rabbit furLapin Bunnyland bomber jacket with natural NZ wild rabbit fur and leather trimSwing Bunny Lapin cotton silk camo print dress coat with NZ wild rabbit fur