Gone are the days when stylish ladies draped huge paisley shawls over their shoulders and crinolines for warmth. What better repurpose than a standout winter coat?! Featuring the luxury and cosiness of New Zealand Wild Rabbit Eco-Fur on the bodice, collar and cuffs.

Wool , NZ Wild Rabbit Eco Fur front, back & long cuffs, 100% Silk Crepe de Chine lining (khaki), 50% wool 50% cotton interlining


At home in the country or the city this versatile coat in tones of red and orange with contrasting outlines of chocolate brown and white with hints of turquoise blue speaks volumes about style and origin. Made from one hundred percent woolen Jamawah and refashioned or repurposed from a large vintage paisley shawl the panels of this coat have been artfully placed to maximise symmetry and be pleasing to the eye while showcasing this magnificent artform from the north of India, namely Kashmir, where time honoured textile traditions and painstaking handcraft has been employed for centuries and patronised by sultans and queens and royalty the world over. This one of a kind, unique, bespoke coat features Kashmiri Jamawah wool and New Zealand Wild rabbit eco fur front and back panels, collar and cuffs. Khaki facing and one hundred percent crepe de chine lining in a khaki shade complete this limited edition eco-couture garment. The coat is fastened with fur hooks. Great with long boots and trousers for a more casual approach or draped over more formal attire be it daywear or evening wear, this is a go anywhere coat with both street appeal and evening wear credibility. Imagine it worn over a scarlet red ballgown and stilletos and alighting from a a limousine or a Ferrari. The next day accompanying winter white jeans and long leather boots for a walk in the countryside, fur collar turned up to ward off the chill. Fur of course has been worn by humans by millenia in order to keep warm. While today it is still popular it can be considered unethical to wear it for it represents an industry which exploits wild animals and if farmed in cages they are unable to live naturally and exhibit their natural behaviours.  New Zealand wild rabbit is an ethical fur choice because it comes from an introduced species which must be controlled for the sake of the New Zealand environment. A Lapin rabbit coat indulges that basic human wish for the comfort and warmth of fur with a clear conscience knowing you are contributing to the sustainability of the high country environment. This coat is luxury and history personified. A Jamawah heirloom repurposed and reborn into a coat to wear and treasure