Unique and Bespoke Lapin Eco-Couture

Combining responsibly sourced New Zealand Wild Rabbit Eco-Fur and New Zealand Possum Eco-Fur with beautiful textiles, Lapin specialises in the production of bespoke, one-of-a-kind and limited edition coats/jackets, accessories and soft furnishings.

A fresh offering in the world of fur fashion and decor, each handcrafted Lapin piece is a harmonious fusion of inspiring fabrics with a pest resource direct from the South Island’s mountainous high country.

From a beautiful land of extremes comes the motivation to transform environmental pests into a conscious choice for those wishing for the warmth and luxury of fur.

Lapin speaks to a love of couture, the creation of family heirlooms and the presentation of NZ wild rabbit fur and NZ possum fur as practical luxury eco-products.

Designer/maker Jane Avery has had the privilege of being apprenticed by Max Wilson, former Master Furrier at Dunedin’s Mooneys Furs. 

Viewings and fittings by appointment.

Jane Avery

Alexandra, New Zealand
+64 27 300 7090
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